Updating site content type failed

Select the Site Content Type (advanced) option if you want to publish the Info Path form template that binds to a Site Content Type.

This option will allow the form template to be used in multiple libraries and sites.

This topic described the different options to publish an Info Path 2010 form.

Publishing a form template is not the same as saving a form template.

This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist.

, changes made to a parent content type to its child site and list content types.

Click Update form template and select file Info Path SC which we saved before and click Ok Make sure the form template is uploaded success and click OK Now the Form Template is uploaded to the Manage Form Template page.When you are finished designing a form template, you must publish it so that users can fill out forms based on the form template.Users must have access to the location where the form is published.Each time you make any change on a content type settings page, all settings on that page are overwritten during the push-down operation.Following is a summary of the settings that each content type settings page contains: Using the object model provides greater granularity in push-down operations.

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