Dating someone with pcos

However, it wasn’t until the age of 23 – following significant weight gain after college and a month straight of bleeding after an entire year of missed periods – that a compassionate doctor with knowledge of women’s health issues listened to me describe my symptoms, looked at my body type, and said, “I think I know exactly what is going on with you. ” Sure enough, a simple blood test to measure my FSH and LH levels confirmed the diagnosis.

Filled with relief that I could put a name to this disorder, and armed with her recommendations to start taking oral contraceptives and follow a regimen of low-carb eating and lots of exercise, I started on the path of healing my body. Conventional PCOS wisdom at that time was to work out long and hard for best results.

Earlier this year 30-year-old Whitney Thore got the world’s attention with a video of herself cutting a rug.

Lots of people post dancing videos, but hers stood out because she’s 380 lbs and still dancing like nobody’s business.

And can someone with PCOS be 380 pounds and still be healthy?(source) Women with PCOS often have fluid-filled sacs (cysts) in their ovaries, insulin resistance, and elevated androgen levels (male hormones).Common symptoms of PCOS include: Many women with PCOS will not have all of these symptoms, and some are asymptomatic, or are only diagnosed after frequent miscarriages or the inability to conceive.PCOS is the most common hormonal disorder affecting as many as 1 in 10 women of childbearing age in the U.S., and it is the largest known cause of female infertility.

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