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The first thang you’re gonna need is some HDR Software.If you have a Mac, I strongly recommend Aurora HDR 2017 then follow the Free HDR Tutorial for Macs.“He suggested that we go to Connaught Place for a chat.I agreed but then he later insisted that I accompany him to his place. On the way, he started touching me inappropriately and commented on what I was wearing. The street is jammed with cars filled with people who have booked tables in the area’s various restaurants. Our car finally manages to speed towards Aurobindo Marg. A group of four is walking towards the Pind Balluchi restaurant in Deer Park, twittering in American-accented English.

There could be many drivers in the same vicinity; the ‘bid’ that has to be accepted within 30 seconds goes to the driver who presses the button first. A middle-aged woman in a salwar kameez steps out from a chauffer-driven red Accord. Back in the car, Mr Choudhury says, “At this hour you’ll find many girls here looking for men to make some pocket money.“Three years ago, I was working as a fellow at a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi.At one point, I felt the need to flag the management about some coordination issues I was facing with my superior. But he started making unwanted overtures the moment I walked into his office.When we reached his place, he asked me if I drink and when I said no, he asked me to sleep with him.Despite a clear ‘no’, he continued to force himself on me. I found that although my contract mentioned a committee to investigate sexual harassment, there were no details.

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