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If you'd like to support the site, you can add a linkback to the page. The M3i Zero is a redesigned M3 Real that is compatible with the DSi.Even better, a donationto help the site stay running (at the bottom of the page). It features externally upgradable firmware/bootloader by use of a USB cable, so it can always be updated regardless of DSi firmware updates. It's a mirror of every DS flashcart firmware and software file that I can get my hands on. M3 Sakura is a newer official loader for the M3 Real.

Make sure do not power off during the update process.

So buy the single dstwo plus card for your nintendo video game console, you will be able to play 5 Type games(DS, GBA, GBC, SNES, NES games)with only paying around 60 dollars.

No, Dstwo plus with the GW plugin v1.05 only supports Emunand up to 10.1 version.

Guys this helped for me I was also stuck at validating dlc for hours and this method worked for me:- Open the app click on 'tap to play' and wait for 1 minute if it doesn't load go to the phone app settings click on 'force stop' and then open the app click on tap to play if it doesn't load turn of you mobile data or Wi Fi, you will be teleported back to 'tap to play' screen, go to options click on 'remove dlc' and then click on 'tap to play' if will show validating dlc but a download sign will there at the left bottom wait till ot reaches to 100 then your game will be loaded automatically. Ive unistalled and installed back, clear the cashe, reset my router.. I don't get how you guys have tried everything and it still doesn't work, you need to be sure your updated via OS (Operating System), you need to check if you have updated your whole phone such as its version etc.

By these step you can load the game, this also worked for me. I have 5 Gb left on this phone so its not the storage... This is also happening on my secondary phone (Also has 5 gb) Oh and using Wifi. Happened to the friend before and it worked fine for him when he updated his phone version.

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