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Container-Optimized OS is available on three different release channels which are explained below.Since channel names are included in the image names, it’s important to understand Container-Optimized OS names before discussing the channels and release schedule.

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All the major development environments are discussed, including commercial products such as Metroworks Code Warrior, Java-based environments such as Sun KVM and IBM Visual Age Micro Edition, and the Free Software Foundation's PRC-Tools or GCC.

For example, a light-weight “nightly” test environment can pick up the latest releases on the channel to test new features as well as to catch any potential breakage as early as possible, and a more involved “staging” or “canary” test environment that mimics the production environment can pick up latest releases on the channel, minor version updates are rare and infrequent.

Images on Google Compute Engine have a notion of "deprecation status".

“It was a hard job because the only person I could test it on was myself which was painful but a good incentive to get it right as soon as possible.

“He’s an artist of course so he always decides what design the person is going to get, they can’t choose.

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